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Florida industries have provided for the economic success of the state. The newspaper and mining industries are two of the most significant areas of this part of the Florida Heritage Collection, but there are also works on other areas of Florida industry, such as timber and lumber. Florida research materials on industries often tend to cover several different industries such as mining, printing, and similar mechanical business operations.

The first printing in Florida appears to be from printing presses carried aboard British ships hich printed broadsides, posters, forms (such as land grants) and the like. The mericanization of Florida in 1821 led to the rise of newspapers. Often the editor of the paper as as noteworthy as the newspaper, perhaps pushing progress through print, or writing fiery olumns to urge change. Some papers became nationally famous. The Florida Sentinel, an African-American newspaper, was nationally known in the early Twentieth century. The Miami Herald established a national reputation for investigative eporting, especially as Florida’s East Coast became a playground of politicians, movie stars, and the jet set.


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