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When Florida came under English control in 1765, a number of English naturalists came into the state to study its strange animals, plants, and natural history. American botanists like William Bartram and Mark Catesby published studies of plants. John James Audubon produced paintings of the Brown Pelican and other birds. Silas Stearns gathered fish specimens for the Smithsonian Institution in the late 19th century. Florida was unlike any other American state--a lush tropical paradise of jungle and plants, with an extraordinary large wetland that became known as the Everglades.
This section of the Florida Heritage Collection contains various works on the Florida outdoors. Biological and botanical information is available, as well as information about hiking on Florida's trails, observations of Florida's flora and fauna, and details on camping and related outdoor activities. The writings of the many naturalists are still important today for they provide information on natural habitat, the uses of plants, and even document native species that have all but disappeared.


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