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Into the twentieth century, Florida has had a history of political intrigue and power clashes in government. From the Reconstruction Republicans to the Southern Democrats, Florida has seen hard-fought political battles, including the rise of important national politicians such as Bob Sikes and Claude Pepper. At the same time, Florida has had to deal with governmental problems unique to a state that is rural and urban, dependent upon both agriculture and tourism, and dramatically changed by the growth of transplanted non-native citizens.
Politics and government are very significant and necessary forces in the development of society. Through government, laws and norms are established, and structure is given to the state. The Florida Heritage Collection contains works that cover a variety of areas in this category, such as the establishment of desegregation policies in schools and other public institutions, environmental policy development and works related to the use of Florida swamplands, regulatory policies for public institutions such as the police force, population surveys, hearing reports, and much more. This section of the collection details the development of Florida's government and policies for providing structure to the state.


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