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The end of the Civil War meant a social change in Florida between African-Americans and Whites. The turbulent 1920s and 1960s saw civil unrest with race riots and desegregation concerns. The influx of Cubans, Hispanics, and Vietnamese has also created racial relation concerns. Historically, race relations have not always been positive, but it is important historically for us to understand these issues and the research materials produced about them.

Much of the historical information in the Florida Heritage Collection deals with the interaction of different races and social groups who are located in proximity to one another. At times this type of interaction can be plagued with hatred and misunderstanding. The collection contains many works on the interaction of African Americans and the white population of Florida during the time of integreation, but there are also works on the interactions of whites and Native Americans and other social groups. A solid understanding of the concepts presented in these works can help to open the minds of the reader, and promoting tolerance and understanding.


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